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This is a report - written for the Coal Point Chronicle, on the LMCC Council meeting of August 26, 2019 at which council pulled the pin on the proposal to develop the Bath Street site. Click here to see the  report. 


The documents linked below contain information that shows how LMCC is contravening its own building regulations and state government foreshore development requirements as well as ignoring the community needs. 

Updated presentation on where we are with the Bath Street Development

Bob Ireland has prepared a presentation that summarises the actions so far with respect to the Bath Street Development. This will bring you up to speed with what councils actions have been and what the TFPG / Community actions have been. Click Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 to view the presentation. 

TFPG Submission to the Council's Bath Street Development Proposal

This is an extensive document that explains the history of the Bath Street development site, actions to date (that we are aware of), and what the TFPG is suggesting should happen with the site. Click here to view the document. 

Public Forum to Councillors on Monday October 29, 2018 by Suzanne Pritchard of the Coal Point Progress Association.

This presentation was given to councillors prior to the above council meeting as a pre-cursor to the presentation of the petition containing 5000+ signatures against the Bath Street development. Click here to retrieve the document.

TFPG Presentation at the Community Meeting

Bob Ireland - TFPG member, presented the current known state of affairs as regards the proposed LMCC Development in Bath Street. Browse through the presentation to learn of the communities concerns and how the council are breaking both their and State Government regulations. Click here to view the presentation

Toronto Foreshore Area Comparison

How does Toronto compare with other townships on the lake for foreshore land. Click here to see a comparison - compiled by Peter Nelson, PhD in Coastal Wetlands research, from data derived from Google Earth Pro. . 

Quotations from the LMCC Development Contributions Plan

Quotations that relate directly to improving the Toronto foreshore for the benefit of the community - click here

Toronto Foreshore - Lake Council Land Grab

This is a summary of the issues as documented by Howard Dick - Toronto foreshore community advocate. Click here.

The role of a councillor

Do you think councillors are performing their role with respect to the Bath Street development. Check out the role of a councillor by clicking here.

Save Our Toronto Foreshore - Key Messages

What we know - and what LMCC has not told us about the Bath Street development - click here

State Planning Regulations

Check out how LMCC are not complying with the State Governments regulations for development on foreshore land - go to the News Page   

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