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About Us


The Toronto Foreshore Protection Group (TFPG) has changed its name to the

TORONTO ACTION GROUP. Whilst the name has changed, its goals still include

the desire to make the Toronto Foreshore a better place for all, but are expanded

to put focus on the many issues that have arisen since Lake Macquarie City

Council (LMCC) first proposed their 4-6 storey residential tower on what is

essentially waterfront land under the control of council but owned by the ratepayers. 


Although LMCC - following significant community opposition, took the decision to withdraw the residential development, they have not progressed their resolution to reclassify the Bath Street land from Operational to Community so that further hi rise proposals could never be entertained on the land. 

Since the withdrawal of the Bath Street development, LMCC have developed and approved their Toronto Foreshore Master Plan, and whilst the plan is - in general, a welcomed upgrade to the foreshore, it has some significant misgivings - misgivings that go against its stated objective of 'Activating the Foreshore'. LMCC developed the plan claiming significant community consultation as input to the plan. Community consultation - to the LMCC, means taking all the points raised in favour of the plan whilst completely ignoring the issues raised by the community. These misgivings include reduced parking in and around the Toronto foreshore, reduced access to launching facilities for boat owners, a total lack of any integration with a proposed Toronto traffic study and a similar lack of integration with a now draft 'Lake Activation Strategy'. 


All the above misgivings plus the reclassification of the Bath Street land, need to have community focus and and input and that is why the TFPG has changed is name to TORONTO ACTION GROUP, so it is focused on more than just the Toronto foreshore.   

Much of the material that appeared on the TFPG Site will remain on this site and serve as a record of the issues and actions that have bought us to where we are. 

The group contacts are still:

Suzanne Pritchard - Coal Point Progress Association

Nico Marcar - Toronto Area Sustainable Neighbourhood Group

Jeff Jansson - Toronto Sunrise Rotary

Mel Steiner - Royal Motor Yacht Club Toronto

Bob & Linda Ireland - Toronto

John Sharples & Lois Simpson - Toronto 

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