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View from the Bath Sreet land that LMCC plan to develop with a 4-6 storey residential apartment block.


The Toronto Foreshore Protection Group (TFPG) is working to preserve Toronto's public foreshore land as park for a growing population - why?


  1. Lake Macquarie City Council have proposed a 4-6 storey Residential and Tourist complex on land owned by Council (substitute Ratepayer) adjoining the Toronto Foreshore.

  2. The Council are currently working on the Development Application which will reportedly cost up to $1M without any prior community consultation

  3. The Bath Street land is currently used for Toronto overflow parking - we all know about the Toronto Parking difficulties, and for locals and visitors who recreate on the lake and foreshore and make use of local social amenities.


You are probably aware that Greg Piper - our local State Member of Parliament, commissioned some alternative (to the Lake Macquarie City Council - LMCC) design work for the Bath Street development. LMCC have indicated a change of heart and are looking at alternative plans for the site including incorporating the site into the Foreshore Master Plan and rezoning from Operational (meaning it can be sold / developed), back to Community. In the interests of promoting a design for the Bath Street site that is more in line with the wishes of the community, we have attached below, images of the wok commissioned by Mr Piper.  












Lake Macquarie City Council have a view that community opinion does not matter. Dr Nico Macar explores the issues associated with the proposed development by the council on the Bath Street site and urges the council to take notice of community views in an opinion piece published in the Newcastle Herald. Go to the News Page to access the article.  

How should the Bath Street land be developed you ask? The TFPG have put a mud map together showing how it - and we believe the community, would like to see    the site developed so that the community as a whole - and visitors, get the best value out of it. Go to the News Page to view the thinking and provide feedback.


Bob Ireland has prepared a presentation that summarises the actions so far with respect to the Bath Street Development. This will bring you up to speed with what councils actions have been and what the TFPG / Community actions have been. Go to the Reference Documents page where you can view the 3 part presentation.


Go to the News Page to see more articles covering how the LMCC is grabbing community land, what alternative sites exist for council re a Bath Street like development and the planning foresight for Toronto exhibited by Lake Macquarie Municipal Council back in 1980.


We have seen nothing from LMCC on the economics of the proposed Bath Street development, so what does an economist think of the development. Howard Dick is Conjoint Professor with the Faculty of Business and Law at the University of Newcastle. He recently wrote an article on the subject which was subsequently published in the Newcastle Herald. Go to the News Page for the link to the article. 

Are Lake Macquarie City Council displaying the same poor behaviour as many other Local Councils. read this interesting editorial by Jacob Saulwick - journalist for the Sydney Morning Herald, published on Saturday December 8th. Go to the News Page for the link. 

New Documents have been added to the site. A report on the October 29 Council Meeting, The TFPG's submission to council on the Bath Street development proposal and a presentation given by Suzanne Pritchard of the Coal Point Progress Association given at the Public Access forum prior to the October 29 Council Meeting, are recent additions to the News and Reference Documents pages. Click News for the News Page or Reference for Reference Documents page.

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You can find out more about the group, the latest news, what you can do to help and how to donate to the support fund, by viewing the other pages on the site

Check out the new Reference Documents page which contains links to documents that highlight how council are ignoring regulations to push their Bath Street development through 

Check out the presentation made by Bob Ireland at the Community Meeting on September 4 at the Toronto High School - go to the Reference Documents page 

Did Lake Macquarie City Council consider all of the State Planning regulations and documents before embarking on their Bath Street development project? Go to the News Page to see what they may have forgotten

Like to know what a 4 or 6 storey residential development might look like on the Bath Street land proposed to be developed by Lake Macquarie City Council. Go to the Gallery Page 

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